Cyklodresy - potisk cyklodresů

How to design your cycling dress



Cycling dress

In the upper left column select the length of the sleeves and zipper. Depending on your body shapes select between the types hobby or professional. Scroll to select the size according to the dimensions and enter the number of pieces. Then move to the creative part. In the middle of the page select a tab, depending on which part of the dress you want to create.

To change the color, click on the coloured square and choose your favourite shade. At the preview, you can see an immediate change. In addition to color and picture you can choose also the background and text incl. the color of the text.


Cycling Pants

The preview of the pants appears when you type the quantity into the appropriate box. The appearance of the pants is generated automatically, following the jersey. If you would like a different design of your pants, please contact us.

If you have your own graphic design, picture or text do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange the production of your dress.